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Ptero behavior analytics are FREE for Mixpanel users up to 25k MAU. In just minutes, Ptero analyzes your Mixpanel data to find out which user behaviors correlate with conversion.

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Other analytics tools & services provide funnel tracking, but that only gets you so far. Ptero swoops down deeper into your data to identify the exact events & actions that lead to conversion, so you can focus on tracking what really matters. We show you the event patterns that predict what influences buying behavior.

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Finding that next 15% increase in your conversion rate can be tough. When it comes to your users, Ptero is an automatic expert. We analyze how they interact with your application to see exactly what makes them tick, click, & convert. Learn which events lead directly to conversion so your tests have the maximum potential for lift.


With Ptero's insights, you'll learn which behaviors are critical for conversion. Use our findings to inform product changes, adjustments to your onboarding process, & messaging improvements that encourage the right behavior & coax your users into becoming customers.


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